Advice on Black and Decker Waffle Makers

Published: 25th November 2009
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While most people recognize the name Black and Decker, they usually associate that name with power tools, and in fact the company is one of the leading manufacturers of great power tools and hardware. They also happen to make kitchen appliances as well.

Black and Decker makes such kitchen appliances as coffee makers, toaster ovens, and of course waffle makers. Waffles have become so popular that almost every company that makes kitchen appliances has line of waffle makers and Black and Decker is no exception. Let's take a look at some of these waffle irons and their features.

Black And Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Maker

These Black and Decker waffle makers are actually three appliances in one. Not only does it make waffles, but you can turn the plate over and use the other side as either an open or closed grill for cooking other foods. So you can make bacon, eggs, fish, and other foods as well as waffles. This means you can purchase just one appliance instead of two.

The Black and Decker grill and waffle maker is easy to use and makes great tasting waffles. It makes 4 waffles each 4 inches square.

The only drawback of this Grill/Waffle maker is that the outside heats almost as hot as the inside making it necessary to be extremely careful while operating this appliance.

Black and Decker WM500 Belgian Waffle Maker

This Waffle maker makes 4 Belgians waffles at one time. It has a Chrome exterior and a non stick cooking surface that is easy to clean. It also has a light that signals when the preheating and the waffles are done.

The handles on the waffle maker are heat resistant and it has a handy cord wrap for easy storage.

Black and Decker Sweetheart Waffle Maker

For those looking for a little less boredom in their waffles, this waffle iron makes four heart shaped waffles. This maker has a small red heart on the outside that lights up the moment you start the maker and a bright chirping sound that tells you when to add the batter and when the waffles are done.

Choosing a Waffle Maker From Black and Decker

Choosing the right waffle maker for you is a relatively simple choice. If you like having waffles for breakfast, but also enjoy using a grill to make other foods and can't decide which appliance to buy, the black and Decker grill and waffle maker would be the perfect choice allowing you to purchase both appliances in one.

If Belgian waffles are what you long for then that is the waffle maker you should choose. This is also true if you like your waffles looking a bit different than run of the mill then perhaps the sweetheart waffle maker will be your choice.

Black and Decker makes waffle Irons that start somewhere around $20.00 and runs up to around $70.00 dollars for the combined grill/waffle maker.

You can purchase Black and Decker waffle Irons anywhere that Black and Decker kitchen appliances are sold or order them on line from a multitude of businesses.

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