Should You Purchase a Haier Mini Refrigerator?

Published: 25th November 2009
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Finding a good mini refrigerator for your dorm, small house, or extra room upstairs can be a slightly different experience because the brands that you are familiar with such as GE, LG, and Sanyo offer mini refrigerators that cost just about as much as their bigger versions and if you are buying a mini refrigerator for the sole purpose of saving, you might end up settling for a large budget refrigerator that can be difficult to set up in small rooms and consume much more electricity. If budget and value needs to be in the mix for a mini refrigerator, getting a Haier branded one could give a lasting impression.

About Haier Mini Refrigerators

Haier is a recognized brand in China that has satisfied their customers locally and in international markets including the US with a dedicated website for American customers bringing some of their best models upfront for people to order online. Although the sizes can vary, just about all of the prices are reasonable and every single mini refrigerator offered boasts significant space-saving features when compared to the bigger models.

Models and Types

The smallest Haier models available are just 1.7 cubic ft and cost under $90 making them excellent refrigerators for offices and dorm rooms. What is striking about their cheapest model is that a half-sized freezer compartment is built-in with an ice cube tray and there are even bottom freezer refrigerators available. It also comes in black and white styles and adding a few extra dollars can get you a special model where the door acts as a whiteboard for writing down notes.

Some of the larger models that start at 2.7 cubic feet have some advanced technologies including the NuCool technology which lowers the overall power consumption of the fridge without using a compressor so the fridge also runs with minimal noise. Some of the models also have Energy Star compliance making them more efficient performers. Their largest models are 4.6 cubic feet, but still manage to be priced under $200 which is great considering the quality that they offer.

How to Choose the Best Haier Model

It is highly recommended to get the Energy Star and NuCool technology models. Even if the price is slightly higher than the other mini fridges available, the savings can be realized over time if the fridge is constantly plugged in. NuCool technology also doubles as a more efficient cooling system overall as it can chill any items inside below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exact size to get should depend on the size of the room where you will place it so do some measuring and take a closer look at the picture so you can see if the shelf space is sufficient for what you plan to store there.

Finding Good Deals

At Haier America's website there are links to the best deals for their top selling small refrigerators. Clicking on a refrigerator from their catalog and selecting the "Buy" option will take you to a list of trusted retailers where you can choose the cheapest price out of the list.

Where to Buy Them

If you do not find any Haier models that you like in your local appliance stores, resort to online ordering through the Haier America website mentioned earlier. Searching in other sites can be helpful as well if none of the dealers in the website have the mini fridge that you need.

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